According to Forbes, 2015 has been referred to as “The Year of Video Marketing.” Videos stand out as a new popular way for marketing because they are inspiring and appealing. But researches have also found that YouTube videos are SEO-friendly.

There are many things to learn if you want a perfect professional video, but it is not hard or expensive at all to create simple but decent-looking videos for marketing use today. This article will touch on the most basic three steps in most of the video marketing cases.


Develop Engaging Content

In most cases, the ultimate goal of the videos is to draw attention to products, services or brands. Using a total of 3 minutes of a video merely to shout about the presence of a product is not smart. On the contrary, creating videos relevant to viewers is a good option. A video answering potential clients’ or customers’ questions about products, services or industry is not a bad place to start. A lot of companies even create a series of tutorials educating audience a certain aspect of industry knowledge. That not only increases the chance of videos being clicked on or subscribed to, but also showcases the company’s professionalism and authorization in a certain area.

Another example of good content would be the sharing of personal stories about a normal workday, a company party, a team working hard on a project, or about an employers’ individual experience at work. This enables viewers to gain insight into the company’s values and goals, making it more relatable to them.

Produce High-Quality Videos

The quality of the videos should never be compromised. Follow basic rules such as rule of thirds, decent lighting and nice audio quality to produce decent-looking videos. Using low-quality videos renders a company as being unprofessional. Even when you are shooting an interview with a smartphone, you should make sure the person is not out of focus, and you should consider putting the phone on a tripod.

Make sure that each video is short but engaging enough to hold an audience’s attention throughout the five minutes or less, and include a call to action at the end of your videos.

Implement a Distribution Strategy or Campaign

The following are things you should do

  • Promote videos across social media before they are released.
  • If you have a series of videos, create a YouTube channel specifically for the series and release the videos on a regular basis.
  • Promote the videos through share buttons across all social media platforms in order to increase subscription numbers if you have a series.
  • Keywords are important for SEO strategy. Write titles and descriptions wisely and don’t forget to tag your videos.
  • Include an URL to your website through your video descriptions in order to lead people to your website.
  • Use YouTube video channel functions such as inserting text boxes, links to other videos or website addresses in order to optimize your publicity.

Just one last thing, be sure to have your company’s logo displayed on the screen. You may keep the logo throughout the whole video or simply have it displayed for a certain period of time.

With the three basic steps kept in mind, why not drive business to your company through video marketing today?

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