Audio Piece: Ethical Issues in Naming Sexual Assault Victims

There is a debate over whether sexual assault victims should be named in news, especially in some certain cases. Editors, journalists as well as scholars […]

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Multimedia Story: Waste Can Be Energy — Waste Cooking Oil Turns Into Biodiesel Fuel

People may often cook fried food, but they may not know the waste oil left can be used in trucks or can even power a […]

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Gator Fans Leaves Swamp for “the Swamp” on Homecoming

The Homecoming Day parade does not only bring crowds, music and laughters, but it also brings business in Gainesville, Florida. With a balcony and a […]

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Children enjoy seeing so many horses and feeding them with carrots at Mill Creek Farm on Saturdays during visiting hours.

Photo Story: Retired Horse Farm

Mill Creek Farm in Alachua, Florida provides homes to horses which retired from government use and destined for slaughter. Others were abused or abandoned. In […]

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Photos: What It is Like On Interviewing Days

Finding an ideal job is one of the main reasons to attend college for students across the United States. The photo story tells us what […]

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Audio Piece: Better to Be Yourself

When international students are studying in the United States, is it a good idea if they act American even when they are communicating with people […]

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