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First Impression with Washington, D.C.

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When people were talking about Washington D.C., what came to my mind 99 out of 100 times were government or historic buildings such as the White House, the U.S. Capitol Building and the Lincoln Memorial. However, as was suggested by one of our friends, we did not head to National Mall & Monuments as soon as we arrived in Washington D.C. Instead, we firstly drove around where lots of embassies are located and found a parking spot in Georgetown area. Then, we just hang out in Georgetown and Wisconsin Avenue area all afternoon and had our dinner there. Not as bustling, exciting or gleaming as New York City, the city we just left, this area still wowed me with classy architectures, cute streets as wells as unpretentious flower decorations. Sipping my cocktail after an Italian-style dinner and looking at the shiny lighting on the little streets through windows, I already fell in love with Washington D.C. even without visiting any famous building. This area is definitely a go-to place for some coffee talk with your best girlfriends after a whole afternoon of shopping or for a pre-or-post dinner drink with your significant other.