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Japanese-style Dinner at Mahzu Sushi and Grill in Gainesville

food 3

    This is the Sushi & Sashimi Combination. There are different types of sushi and sashimi (raw fish fillets) in this dish. There are also some little tuna rolls. I love salmon best. If you want to try different types of sashimi, I would recommend this dish.

food 2

    Shrimp Teriyaki tastes both a little bit sweet and salty. It would be good if you eat it with white rice. However, I do not think this dish is better than any other teriyaki-style dish in other restaurants.

food 1

    I love this dish a lot. This is Yaki Udon. Udon is a traditional Japanese noodle which is thick and chewy. Normally, I eat udon in soup. However, I am amazed how delicious udon tastes when it is fried and saturated with sauce. There are fish cake, veggies and chicken in this dish.