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Mini Hot Pot at Gator Suyaki in Gainesville

I don’t think these mini hot pots are authentic Chinese hot pots. However, it is still delicious as long as you choose the right soup. That is why I visit this restaurant for hot pots frequently. I remember the first time I went there, I chose the pickle soup, which was terrible. Since then I have always chosen the spicy soup because I love spicy food so much! You can choose non-spicy soup. It depends on your preferences.
2What I love most about the hot pot of this restaurant is that they have a good variety of sauce you can choose from. I always mix sesame sauce with garlic sauce and white vinegar. Then I top the sauce with some green onions and cilantro. I believe that will make a good mix of flavor.


The beef and lamb are not bad. I prefer lamb for hot pots. The fish fillets are also one of my favorite items although I have never eaten fish fillets for hot pots when I was in China. It is a newly developed hot pot habit. My order usually includes beef, lamb, potatoes, fish fillets, cabbage and mung bean noodle.