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One Afternoon in Harrisburg

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I came to this city accidentally when I visited my friend in Pennsylvania. I went to nowhere else other than Pennsylvania State Capitol and the riverside. However, I have already fell in love with this city. Pennsylvania State Capitol did not amaze me from its outside since I have just visited the Capitol Building in Washington DC. Actually, it was the inside that successfully wowed me. No matter the roof, the steps or the walls, everything is so detailed. It might be too much exaggeration if I use the word “extravagant,” but the building does feel like a palace to me. Another thing in Harrisburg that impressed me is the riverside. The ground is covered by fallen leaves and sparse grass. There is barely any green on branches of trees. However, it is still a very pleasant experience¬†walking¬†along the riverside. If you feel like finding somewhere nice and quiet to read a book or have some walk, I would definitely recommend this place.