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Asian Food in NYC

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New York is known for its diverse culture because of the huge number of immigrants living there. What is the best part of this diverse culture, from my point of view, is the great varieties of authentic ethnic food you can find in this city. Since I only stayed there for no more than 10 days, I only tried Asian food because it is my favorite. From a five-dollar breakfast in Flushing to a fancy Shanghai-style dinner in Time Square, the Chinese food is absolutely authentic. I also had a Korean BBQ lunch in Manhattan one day and I guess I am qualified to say it was awesome since I have tried so much Korean food, especially Korean barbecue.

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Complicated Feelings Towards Flushing

I lived in Flushing area when I was traveling in New York City for several days because it is much cheaper than living in Manhattan area. Although Flushing is not called Chinatown, people know they are more or less the same thing. I have to say, to some extent, I feel I am in China when I walk around Flushing. Everything is written in Chinese. Most people are Chinese. Fruit is sold on open tables on the streets, just as how it is sold in China in most cases. However, this so-called “Chinatown” still feels unfamiliar to me. Flushing looks much more like an underdeveloped small town of China. I can feel most people living there are having a tough life. Elder people are giving out fliers on the streets. Some of them work for Chinese-owned travel agencies. Some work for companies helping people obtain a legal status in the U.S. I sense many of those people living in Flushing are having a really hard time in either obtaining a legal status or a decent job. A large portion of them even do not speak Engslish at all. As a matter of fact, they don’t need to speak English to survive if they just stay in Flushing. They are a group of people who live on the territory of U.S. but do not fit in American society at all. I cannot help imagining what their life would be like if they just stayed in China, especially those elder ones. It is possible they would be better off in China because at least they fit. It is their home.


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Museum Adventure in NYC

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I am not a fan of museums. Although I heard a huge amount of positive comments from my friends about the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I preferred the idea of shopping on the Fifth Avenue instead of walking into any museum. However, all the friends I traveled with wanted to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art and American Museum of Natural History. I had to go with them. Now I feel so lucky that I have visited those two museums. Amazing is not enough to describe my experience. Both museums are so huge, especially the Metropolitan. I saw so many precious art pieces from all over the world. The diversity is great. Even merely looking at the objects without learning the history was enough to wow me. It is especially fun to look at those from China and learn how our culture and history is presented in an American museum. All in all, I got the chance to see those pieces I thought I could only see in my history or art textbook in high school. What’s more, the design of the Metropolitan itself is a piece of art. I felt I was walking in a palace full of treasure. It may take a week to see all the stuff in either museum. I will definitely visit those museums again. Now I have developed a new interest due to that experience: visiting museums.