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Japanese-style Dinner at Mahzu Sushi and Grill in Gainesville

food 3

    This is the Sushi & Sashimi Combination. There are different types of sushi and sashimi (raw fish fillets) in this dish. There are also some little tuna rolls. I love salmon best. If you want to try different types of sashimi, I would recommend this dish.

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    Shrimp Teriyaki tastes both a little bit sweet and salty. It would be good if you eat it with white rice. However, I do not think this dish is better than any other teriyaki-style dish in other restaurants.

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    I love this dish a lot. This is Yaki Udon. Udon is a traditional Japanese noodle which is thick and chewy. Normally, I eat udon in soup. However, I am amazed how delicious udon tastes when it is fried and saturated with sauce. There are fish cake, veggies and chicken in this dish.

Mini Hot Pot at Gator Suyaki in Gainesville

I don’t think these mini hot pots are authentic Chinese hot pots. However, it is still delicious as long as you choose the right soup. That is why I visit this restaurant for hot pots frequently. I remember the first time I went there, I chose the pickle soup, which was terrible. Since then I have always chosen the spicy soup because I love spicy food so much! You can choose non-spicy soup. It depends on your preferences.
2What I love most about the hot pot of this restaurant is that they have a good variety of sauce you can choose from. I always mix sesame sauce with garlic sauce and white vinegar. Then I top the sauce with some green onions and cilantro. I believe that will make a good mix of flavor.


The beef and lamb are not bad. I prefer lamb for hot pots. The fish fillets are also one of my favorite items although I have never eaten fish fillets for hot pots when I was in China. It is a newly developed hot pot habit. My order usually includes beef, lamb, potatoes, fish fillets, cabbage and mung bean noodle.

Three Chinese Dishes at Gator Suyaki in Gainesville

Gator Suyaki is one of the few restaurants in Gainesville serving Sichuan or Hunan style dishes that are featured with spicy taste. I am a fan of spicy food so I am a frequent guest of Gator Suyaki. The three dishes below are my recent favorite items.

1 Beef Flank With Tomato in Hot Pot


What I like most about this dish is the enjoyable experience of eating the hot beef saturated with tomato-flavored sweet sauce. This dish is seldom cooked spicy when I tried it in China, which is not the case here. However, a spicy note makes this dish in Gator Suyaki much more flavorful than that I tried in China.


2 Hunan Boiled Fish Fillet w. Pickle Mustard


I love both spicy and sour food. This dish combines the two flavors perfectly. Fish fillets and sour pickles are boiled in spicy soup with other vegetables such as cabbages. Every time I eat this dish, I drink all the soup after eating up all the fish and vegetable because the soup is really flavorful!

3 House Stir Fried Cabbage


This dish is also spicy. The cabbages are cooked with chili peppers and seasoned with the sauce that tastes both a little bit sweet and salty.