Libel on the Internet

With the wider use of Internet, online libel becomes an issue. It is very likely that something people post on their blogs, Facebook or Twitter poses a danger of being libelous.

The common online locations where libels happen may include:

  • “letters to the editor of local newspapers
  • public comments on media (i.e., newspaper or magazine) web sites
  • blogs and comments to blog postings
  • social media like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter, and
  • chat rooms or listservers.” See more: Social Media and Online Defamation.

Generally speaking, defamation laws apply to those who create content online just as they do to newspapers.  People should be responsible for their online speech as they are responsible for their speech anywhere else.

Learn more about what constitutes online libel, see Defamation and Social Media: What You Need To Know.

However, there are some special rules applying to libels online due to the specific nature of this digital platform. This is what will be discussed in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

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