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Video: Modernist Cuisine Cooking Class

What is modernist cuisine? What are the differences between modernist cuisine cooking and traditional cooking? A modernist cuisine cooking class was held to answer these […]

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Video: Bridges Community Group at UF

A new community group was created by Bridges organization in Gainesville, Florida this semester in order to promote better communication between international students and American […]

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Video: Underwater Hockey

Hockey can be played not only on the ground but also underwater. Although underwater hockey requires more underwater skills, it can be super fun. People […]

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Gator Fans Leaves Swamp for “the Swamp” on Homecoming

The Homecoming Day parade does not only bring crowds, music and laughters, but it also brings business in Gainesville, Florida. With a balcony and a […]

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Photos: What It is Like On Interviewing Days

Finding an ideal job is one of the main reasons to attend college for students across the United States. The photo story tells us what […]

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