Photo: Ballet Is Habit, Faith, And Life

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As is shown in this photo essay, this story is mostly focused on Zhu’s dancing experience. I find it really difficult to shoot movements. I really want to capture the best moment when Zhu dances, but it is not an easy thing. Because she kept moving when she danced, most of my photos either are out of focus or have bad compositions. I learned an important lesson from my photo shooting experience this time: When we take pictures of movements, just shoot as many pictures as possible so that we will get at least one decent photo.

Another valuable thing I have learned this time is when we do stories of an individual, the best thing to do is to spend lots of time and have conversations with the person. Before I spent time with Zhu, I just knew she was learning dancing. However, the more time I spent with her, the more I got to know about her life and her personality, and the more interesting stories I get. For example, she is leaving Florida next week and she went to the beach last Saturday. I just went with her and got the chance to shoot good pictures at the beach.

Also, I realize that when we do photo essays, we should learn to be observative. Details are important. We should pay attention to details in our interviewee’s working or living environment. That is a good way to discover more stories and render people’s personalities through little things in our pictures.

As for writing captions, I feel it is not a bad idea to talk to our subject again after we have finished choosing the photos we want to use. For one thing, we can make sure of the accuracy of our captions. For another thing, there is a chance that we can get better details or more stories about those certain photos. Those stories are something we normally do not have the chance to know at the moment when we are busy taking pictures.




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