Graphic Design: Typography



I choose one sentence from Robert Burns’ “A Red, Red Rose” and design this poster featuring the words. The original sentence is: My love is like the melody That’s sweetly played in tune. There are three typefaces in total in my poster. I use Helvetica for the words “Love is like the” and the attribution. I just want to make those words really clear so I choose this typeface. However, I do make the word “love” big and bold because this word is actually the subject of this sentence. I want it to stand out and contrast with other words. That is why I also give this word a drop shadow. “Melody” is also an important part in the comparison featured in this sentence so I make this word really big too. I choose Lucida Calligraphy Italic as the typeface because it will give the word “melody” a more interesting look. The word “melody” should have an interesting look because it is related to music. Based on the meaning of this sentence, I design the formats of the words “sweetly played in tune” as if they are musical notes. I choose Brush Script MT Italic because this typeface makes those words look like musical notes written by someone.

In this sentence, love is compared to melody sweetly played. It is just like a piece of music that is created and played. Basically, I want to give this poster many painting or hand-drawing elements because musical notes are usually written by someone originally when a piece of music is just created. I use this background because it has a texture that looks like a paper or a wall, something that can be written on. I also use the brush tool to create the heart shape to give it a hand-drawing look. I make all words black to achieve consistency. And the background colors pair well with the red I use for the heart.


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