Yunnan Cuisine — Video Episode 5

Yunnan Province is located in the southwest part of China. Yunnan cuisine is a combination of food from both the Han Chinese and other ethnic minorities. In this video, the rice noodles and the steam-pot chicken are the most famous Yunnan cuisine dishes.

Living in the United States for about 23 years, Jianrong Shi thinks understanding Chinese food is an important way to know Chinese culture. Brianna Keen has tried lots of Chinese food in the past. However, she is still amazed by the great varieties of Chinese food.

Get recipes for Yunnan cuisine dishes in this video here: Steam-Pot Chicken; Cold Rice Noodles; Fish-Flavored Shredded Pork.

Sichuan Cuisine– Video Episode 4

Sichuan Province is located in the southwest part of China. Sichuan cuisine is popular among people all over China. It is notable for its spicy flavor. Anna Ellis lived in Sichuan for 15 years. In this video, she has a chance to try authentic Sichuan cuisine again. She also shares her point of view of the differences between Chinese food and American food, and her experience of growing up eating authentic Sichuan cuisine.

Get recipes for Sichuan cuisine dishes in this video here: Spicy Tripe; Spicy Tofu; Pork Rib, Carrot and Corn Soup.

Jiangsu Cuisine — Video Episode 3

Jiangsu Province is located on the middle and east coast of China, close to Shanghai. There is great diversity among Jiangsu cuisine. Generally speaking, however, Jiangsu cuisine is featured with its detailed food preparation and processing. The taste is delicate, leaning more towards sweetness.

In this video, Pan will show Pampalone how to cook a famous Jiangsu dish, Lion’s Heads. He will also cook a common breakfast food in Pan’s hometown, fried dumplings. During dinner, Pampalone learns a very obvious difference between Chinese table manners and American table manners.

Get recipes for dishes in this video here: Lions’ Heads; Fried Dumplings; Pork Rib and Radish Soup.

Beijing Spring Pancake — Video Episode 2

Beijing has been the capital city of China for centuries, and the cuisine is constantly influenced by food all over the country. However, a notable feature of traditional food from Beijing is its sweet taste. Using sweet bean sauce is very common in Beijing cuisine such as that in Peking Duck and Beijing spring pancake.

In this video, Hanxi Bao will cook the famous Beijing spring pancake. He shows Stacey how he cooks the dish to be wrapped in the pancake, sautéed shredded pork with sweet bean sauce. That dish is always a perfect choice when people decide on what to wrap into their Beijing spring pancake. Bao also shows Stacey the correct way of using chopsticks.

Get recipes for dishes in this video here: Sauteed Shredded Pork with Sweet Bean Sauce; Stir-Fried Bean Sprouts, Carrots and Chinese Chives; Spring Pancake Wrappers.

Shandong Cuisine — Video Episode 1

Shandong Province is located in the north part and east coast of China. It is a place abundant with seafood because of its geographic location. That is why people in Shandong cook seafood frequently. Shandong cuisine is known for its salty and fresh taste.

In this video, Yong Shen will show Amara White how to cook two homemade Shandong cuisine dishes and a soup with an easy-to-go approach. Shen also talks about how Chinese people follow a specific order to eat at the table.

Get recipes for dishes in this video here: Chicken Legs and Mushrooms; Stir-Fried Shrimp; Chicken Broth with Mushrooms.